Saturday, January 04, 2003

is this a plea?
be - and there you are
sitting there slumped
limp like a beaten dog
lumps for eyes and slush for thought
pushed to it's natural conclusion

hush - you might wake the neighbors

i've closed the door on you
i've closed the door again
i've meant to push you out
but your ring is still here
locked in with me
you can't see it
but it is here
it cycles in smaller turns
like a lecture
and i'm through taking notes

speak like a trauma
gutteral vivid unintelligible
language slurred by pain, confusion
a contusion of bruised seeping
weeping down over skin and cloth
ugly, vulgar, something to cover, hide
something to layer until forgotten
until rotten and diseased

won't you be pleased? it looks fine from the outside...