Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And Speaking of Iran...

I have a friend who works for this interesting organization called the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. Their goals are to:

* investigate and document human rights abuses in Iran;

* raise international awareness of human rights violations
in Iran and bring pressure to bear on the Iranian government
to end these abuses;

* raise local awareness of human rights violations and
international human rights standards inside Iran; and

* establish an online archive of human rights documents that
can one day be used to develop and support a reckoning
process in Iran.

There is nothing wrong with investigation and fact collection as well as the dissemination of the facts in report form. It is not politics but rather education. I hope that their goals help Iran to transition to a more moderate political climate where human rights are held in higher regard.

Here is a link to their report on the persecution of the largest religious minority in that country, the Baha'i Faith.

Props to NS for raising my awareness.