Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the shoreline

you walked without shoes up the shore
navigating gull droppings,
ground glass, jellyfish,
missed the washed up castles
and a pink shovel left like a sundial

you walked a nautical mile
feet dug into sand just above the waterline
fine time squeezed between metacarpals
the earth conducting energies
directly into your pectoralis majoris

the ocean spectrum of sound
sprayed auditory static in the airwaves
flotsam frothed lapping at crab graves
water tongues wagged in passing,
atomized salt crystals stung your skin

the sideways sun skint on heat
still made you squint as you looked back
sands stretching into infinite shoreline
your grass hat brim folded
halos crossed on your retinae

from my lookout your form wavered
white flag scarf waving
the sky mist wandered inland
my towel island sliding ever closer to the sea
as i watched you flicker me goodbye.