Friday, February 02, 2007

Coming Down

Mass hysteria passes and loses mass
Creating asses, releasing greenhouse gasses,
Crass coffee napkin lyrics, natural disasters,
Rasters of dull light reflect circles from my empty glass

Chewed old bones near cell phone tones wait to ring out
Bring me doubt and I’ll give you this question
Masticate and review my suggestion
Digestion once collapsed in the north tower before it went south

(Perhaps I overemphasize my body)

Tempers flare in the glare of the gaudy display
Phosphorous tracers spray the porous afterglow
The cold crème rubdown can’t remove the blight show
There is grass in my crack from the evening’s lay

(Or so you say)

I’ve cocked my glockenspiel while gripping the wheel deal
Turning heel steel-toed peeling off into the smoky distance
No insistence will make shadows so real to appeal to my senses
My defenses are deployed with blatant zeal

Desire ripples onto the shore and deposits its foam
The dream land, this fantasy land, the form of a milky nipple.

Something I Haven't Heard About Before

I guess you could call this a promo video for an Israeli - Palestinan political action group called "One Voice" which is working for a "two state solution" to the conflict in the Middle-East.

Even though there is an element of propaganda here, at least the message focuses on dialogue, consensus, and a moderate approach...

For more info, check out their website