Monday, October 13, 2008

the common communion

bells do not ring here
as time genuflects sweating skin
swearing simian genes symbolize
invitational thighs flexing
the riot of civilization

chemicality sparks the nipple twist
lists of causation down the potassium gates
blood makes heat, the blush flows
friction sweat wetting nerve wires
electrical dendrite trees shiver delight

there are horny toads thrusting legs
pinned by eyes in ether bliss
hearts pulsed to latino rhythms
the misms of mystical brain stem seduction
pant legs drop mesmerizing memory

immaculate breaths caress necklines
cracks to suggest progenation
succulent curvatures bend the horizon
mountains valleys lactate rivers
testosterone flash flood angry divinities

make me please, knees bending
dark nods to the god of oblation
velvet pews, lips pursed
makeshift slow immolation, redemption
victimized impaling climax catechism

armor calcinates into holy weakness
invitations to enter, penetrate
entrails digesting enzymes
divine failures, soft holds
as unearthed we negotiate