Sunday, September 12, 2004


freedom is a mirage
freedom is a catch-phrase to enlist the impoverished
freedom is a lever for the ignorant
freedom is a carrot on a string
freedom is a whip on broken skin

america is no more free than the soviet union was
america doesn't want freedom
america wants ordered voracious consumers,
independently wealthy money-makers,
happy service industry slaves
and wide-eyed watchers of tv.
“a well balanced breakfast is toast, juice, milk and cereal.”
have you ever mixed juice and milk?
can you say lobbies, kickback, and campaign contributions?

people are upset by this thought
they act surprised and outraged as if their sacred cow was shot
they've marched for freedom
fired guns for freedom
formed hate groups for freedom
stuffed their faces for freedom
made porn for freedom
killed foreigners for freedom
given up civil liberties for freedom
and the media watched it all and recorded every second
“god bless america,” they yelled,
“land of the free (spending)
and home of the brave (sports enthusiast).”

americans don't really want freedom
they want comfort
and there’s comfort to be had
at a price
and that price is their freedom
and the freedom of the rest of the world

freedom is the smell of one new empty shoe
freedom is the promise of desert rain
freedom is a willing chain of slavery for the poor
freedom is a fireworks display
freedom is a scapegoat
freedom is a christmas tree
freedom is a slot machine jackpot

freedom is just a lullaby


Sean said...

dang - this is good - u are a talented little bugger...

your poems make me nutty
with your words
i am like putty
nutty, putty
ur my buddy

CyrusN said...

buddy only partly rhymes with nutty.

i'm very disappointed...

CyrusN said...

okay - i'm actually not disappointed