Thursday, September 09, 2004

i've posted this before...

but i liked it so much i thought it was worth repeating...

technology advances
and grows and shrinks
and penetrates and magnifies,
but the content remains the same:
are we so special that we deserve this much attention?

pehaps we have nothing better to focus on,
nothing more interesting or noble.

we can watch tv on 100" projection screens
with 300 channels
with dvd commentary
in dolby digital dts stereo,
but in the end all we see and hear is
sheer fantasy and fabricated rubbish.

garbage in garbage out -
everything is a marketing excercise

even death and trauma gets packaged in sanitary bright wrapping
because we have such high standards...


Shastri said...




CyrusN said...

ahhh - someone who understands me! :)

Sean said...

nice dude - great to see more of your poetry online.