Friday, September 05, 2008

your new proportion will keep her happy

low self esteem from a small weenie,
wiener, little Vienna sausage?
erase all the memories of your greatest defeats
graduate in style with a new shaft
and impress her with your manly manhood

put a huge sausage in her bun
have fun all night long with your big shlong
celebrate a victory in love
your performance and mastery will satisfy
transform into a sex god
start today and you’ll be on top.. and behind …and in front

bewitch her with your thick love snake
make her ride your rigid rod
a rocket dong pleases girls
mega-size your johnson today
why wait? rake in the girlfriends

you don’t have to be resigned to your short pete
get longer, harder and more robust pole meat
women crave a larger tool so they can feel satisfied
be bigger, be greater than ever before
cram your man spam in to her clam
and make her come to you forever

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