Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I Feel Vindicated

This substantial article in The Guardian UK looks at the evils of the Protestant work ethic and the value of indolence.

I, of course, always understood this.

Here are some excerpts:

"Greatness and late rising are natural bedfellows. Late rising is for the independent of mind, the individual who refuses to become a slave to work, money, ambition."


"Idleness as a waste of time is a damaging notion put about by its spiritually vacant enemies. Introspection could lead to that terrible thing: a vision of the truth, a clear image of the horror of our fractured, dissonant world."

and even

"God himself set a good example... after working for six days, he rests for all eternity."


Sean said...

haha - dude - that is some funny stuff!! but it is true - the protestant work ethic keeps people so busy so they cannot commit sinful activities. this ethic has found a great bedfellow with capitalism - they both keep people on a treadmill so that we keep working hard, keep consuming useless crap, and don't question a corrupt system - because we are too busy surviving.

rising late challenges this - it is my new excuse... ; )

CyrusN said...

i think we should start a movement of late risers. we should call ourselves "individuals for indolence"...