Monday, August 16, 2004

Let it snow....

It has snowed for three days
And the trees bow down in humility
Monochromatic scenes outside the chilled window
Remind me of ski trips spent in the car
Chains beating the road
Behind the string of taillights
Rows of red eyes staring

The world is colder today
Coated with this shroud
The clouds blend with the ground
And the sound of life is muffled
Like a vow of silence
Stuffed into our gaping mouths.


Pedraum said...

Cyrus and his poetry have been missed. Dude, let's collaborate on some tunes. You write the lyrics and I'll do my darndest to set em to music. We'll post the results and see what happens.


CyrusN said...

It's a deal.

But ummmm... what sort of song are you looking for?

Pedraum said...

The ones you sent will work...I'm gonna give it a shot over the weekend I hope. We'll see if it ever sees the light of day...