Sunday, August 15, 2004

A repost in honor of Michael Moore

America… Uhhh… merica

Night and day the bombs punctuate
Exclamations of hot expletives
Pock mark walls
Potholes the size of buses
Building trusses shudder blazed with blast marks
Dark streaks like morbid blush
Traffic jams of Bradleys and Abrams blazing dust
Rubble crushed bodies laze beside a saline drip
Maimed children missing legs, arms
Mothers clutching their damaged progeny
Ululating grief
Brief glimpses of calm under the fossil fuel smoke
Soldiers toke the pungent air wearing camouflaged stone
Reporters hone their skills for the ratings war
Civilian casualties soar into the thousands.

We say we came to liberate,
But when they see our rockets red glare
And bombs bursting in air
They will pray for us take the oil and leave.

4 April 2003

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